Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let's Be Adventurous!

We started off the new year with a short and sweet visit up north, to Vermont, to ski, drink and meet new friends. Yes, we traveled 9 hours to meet new friends. (If this gives you any idea of our current situation, please pity us.) But, thankfully, what could potentially have been a dangerous experience turned out to be extremely fun and relaxing for both of us. (And, we hope, for our "real life" new friends!)

I'd be lying if I said it didn't take some convincing to get David to go along with my plans. I think he thought they were pipe dreams at first, and as they became more of a reality, he seemed in shock. We would discuss it, and he would doubt my sanity, and I would say: don't you want to go on an adventure?!

David always laughs at me and maybe rolls his eyes when I launch into one of my "put yourself out there" sermons. It is "so important" according to, well, me: to go, to do. To live outside your comfort zone!

ADVENTURE! I shout at him.

What exactly do you mean by adventure? he asks.

To go somewhere totally new and strange. Just imagine! Somewhere you—WE—have never ever been! Experience life, a culture you didn't even know existed! Doesn't that just sound thrilling?!?

He's not so sure. (Translation: he is very sane and normal.)

My half-hearted pep talks don't usually convince him, or anyone other than me—for one fleeting moment. And in that moment, I feel wonderful and powerful and in command, at the wheel of my own life.

So whether or not I should become a motivational speaker is still being debated, but in the meantime, for now, I can convince both of us to take little risks: hop in the car, jump on a plane and go somewhere new. Meet new people. Use the little time, little money, little energy we have to "be adventurous" by taking little adventures.

So I guess for now, that will be enough to keep my sweet man sane. And enough for me, too, standing here on my own two feet.

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Erin Seabolt Bond said...

Jesse and I are the same way! I'm constantly trying to change things, and he's constantly trying to keep them the same. It makes for an interesting marriage. :) Actually, it would be disastrous if there were two of me, and awfully boring if there were two of him. So, I think we make a good match. It sounds like you guys balance one another out well!