Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Once You Pop...

(You know the rest:) ...The Fun Don't Stop.

Thanks for that, Pringles.

In this case, once you pop...away from blogging for a day, it's hard to get back. But at least I have a good excuse for two plus days off the wagon:

I'm - ACHOO! - a mess.

Our new place is wonderful and delightful, and also veryyyy lush with trees, and plants, and flowers galore.


It started with a sore throat on Monday morning and went quickly downhill - who knew that allergies could feel so much like the flu? Shiver me timbers.

Anyway, here's what you missed:

Me coughing a lot // Me yelling at Rooney // Me yelling at Amelia for begging to go outside and then wanting to come right back in // Me telling Mar she is the best little gal ever // Me doing laundry // Me wanting to go outside in the beautiful day but then being too scared // Me shamelessly watching reruns of "Sex and the City" that I have seen no fewer than 100 times a piece // Me feeling worthless about the job situation and then pumping myself up and then feeling worthless again // Me perusing for jobs and then getting bored and then forcing myself to look again until my eye balls bleed // Me - ACHOO!

Get the picture?

Regardless, I hope you are having a lovely week and that we can wax poetic in this space again soon, maybe tomorrow?

For now, I am going to go dry cough into my elbow, and tug at my itchy ears like a baby, and count down the days to my last-ever day in this office: two and a half weeks from today! Hurrah (also: eeeeeeek!)


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