Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekend Recap

First weekend in May and oh what a weekend it was. I mean, I guess. It was a low-key and productive weekend, just how I like 'em. (Minus feeling ick part of the time.) But anyway, here's a recap.

Friday: A long and harrowing day at the office was made brighter by the promise of an interview this coming Wednesday. The position is marketing manager for a large practice of veterinary surgeons - quite different from what I'm doing now but thinking maybe it could be a nice change for a while. Flexible, fun, and challenging. Would be great to grow my marketing skills since now I focus so much on the writing, editing, and production sides of media. I also think it would be so fulfilling to work for the betterment of animals every day (and get to play with them and take silly photo shoots and Tweet about them, etc.) 
Only my favorite couple evah - in one of my fav cities evah.
The evening was made up of "Sex and the City" reruns (including sobbing to the finale - I mean, has any show ended on a more fulfilling high note?!), wine and Thai with dear friends, and falling asleep on the couch during "The Amazing Spiderman" before 11 p.m.

Saturday: A failed attempt at getting a pedicure, wandering aimlessly at an art show feeling confused, giving up and having a margarita and people watching instead - then seeing "The Amazing Spiderman II" with D and the same dear friends. Enjoyed the movie, save a few lines from Jamie Foxx (did I make up that his last name has two Xs?), who plays a nice-guy-turned-bad-guy that runs on electricity, or something?! Worst (and also best) line of all was "It's my birthday - time to light my candles" before blowing up some shit. Andrew Garfield is such a handsome little thing - and he and his real-life gal Emma Stone have great chemistry. Sad ending, though. Man, superheroes always have it rough, don't they?
Spidey and his girl, Gwen.
     Spent the rest of the evening feeling ick and moaning loudly on the couch (much to David's chagrin). After some gnashing of teeth, I cracked a beer like a real man and we watched a lovely film "Short Term 12," which made me sob like a fool. Check it out if you have time (and like high-intensity emotional movies).

Sunday: Today was the best kind of Sunday - ever long. I hope the rest of the night continues that way. We slept in, were lazy with reading and coffee, strolled around Potomac Mills shopping (scored a new black suit with pants and a skirt to go with it, plus a shirt to go under it - all for under $200 - thank you Nordstrom Rack!), grocery shopped, made it home to the puppies and to do yard work, bought some new plants and flowers and potted them, cleaned up the house. Not bad since it's not even 8 yet, huh?
Our lil' front stoop. The Azaleas are finally starting to bloom!
     Somehow I still have some energy left but I will save it - soon figuring out dinner then lounging like a lug for the Sunday night shows - my favorites! "Game of Thrones" and "Mad Men" then off to bed to dream of the week ahead. More interviews? More beautiful weather? Feeling ready for whatever it is. So thankful for a weekend that allowed me to recharge.
     Hope your weekend was exactly what you needed it to be.

In summation, my weekend was grand: dirt under my fingernails, a lot of romantic entertainment/good crying, and Spidey.


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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I transitioned from writing/editing/etc in a trade mag to the marketing side of things and am still doing the marketing side of things over 10 years later. Using all of my writing and editing skills...just a little bit different writing. Good luck!