Tuesday, July 7, 2009

For Wilmington (For Me)

want, verb, I want an apple have a desire to possess or do (something)
I miss:

  1. It being July and me being tan.
  2. Jam seshes with Lin. To Biggie, Third Eye Blind, The Chicks.
  3. Terrazzo. Everyone. Plus, Penne Messia with Shrimp & Penne Florentine.
  4. WBMag jokes & tootsie rolls I stole from the secretary.
  5. Tanning with Em. Even though she was always darker.
  6. The original gang at Charlotte Russe.
  7. Atlantis Release Parties.
  8. King-Sized Now & Later suprises.
  9. Cape Fear Wine & Beer with Em.
  10. Learning Community classes.
  11. Having reading to do for homework.
  12. Killwins Ice Cream.
  13. Nikkis. Ginger salad & sushi.
  14. CDs from Lee Tatum.
  15. Bluepost.
  16. Concerts at Cat's Cradle.
  17. The old worn out chairs upstairs in Randall.
  18. Being sunburned and finding steals at Hallelu.
  19. The dog park.
  20. Being annoying in person with Lin.
  21. France pictures on the walls.
  22. Late-night LOST & The Sopranos in bed.
  23. Ken's. Everything bagel. Light on the cream cheese.
  24. Long talks with David as he drove me home when we were only friends.
  25. The flighty weather.
  26. Port City Community Church!!
  27. Riding over the bridge to the beach midday when everyone's out on the water. Or at sunset.
  28. Chicken salad sandwiches from Robert's Grocery on a day at the beach.
  29. Running into the ocean on an average Tuesday afternoon in July.
  30. The Terrazzo kitchen staff.
  31. Parties at Em's.
  32. Henry's. Calamari.
  33. Mellow Mushroom. Kosmic Karma & Magic Hat #9
  34. My walk-in closet at our apartment at The Reserves.
  35. Pedicure dates & coffee with Em.
  36. Pita Delite. Chicken Salad Pita & a Greek salad.
  37. Fresh.year: never caring what I looked like. Before I had to put on eye make up every morning.
  38. Late-night runs to Taco Bell.
  39. When we had to sneak beer in book bags.
  40. Cross-hallway air kicks.
  41. Hibachi. Hibachi Chicken with fried rice & a side of zucchini and onions.
  42. Intermediate Non-Fiction w/ Lin & The Celebs.
  43. My old Volvo(s).
  44. T.A.L.K.K
  45. "My campus crush" & "my class crush"
  46. Parties at Leo's. All memories with Leo <3.
  47. The Connection. Smoothies!
  48. Daily yogurt & granola at Wag.
  49. $10 haircuts from Paige.
  50. Office Max nights with Dan & Nick.
  51. Grey's Anatomy nights with Lizzy.
  52. Lizzy!
  53. Being healthy with Lizzy.
  54. Totally Abs with Ms. Allison Ray.
  55. Wandering around downtown.
  56. Friends coming into town.
  57. House-hunting downtown with Michelle.
  58. Getting yelled at by Michael for being too loud/singing with Renee.
  59. Endless Sunday Night Dinners with Callie.
  60. Work-shop days.
  61. Classes with Diana Ashe.
  62. Family dinners.
  63. Having a big group of friends.
  64. Gatherings at Lin & Courtney's. (when Lin had a star for a head.)
  65. Running into people from the France trip around campus.
  66. Pierre LaPierre. Having French class every day.
  67. Classes with John Jay Sullivan.
  68. Email exchanges with Tim. Anything with Tim. (hah.)
  69. The one time I was on a boat.
  70. Lin & Courtney's old apartment. The inflatable mattress.
  71. Watching David coach the swimteam.
  72. Flaming Amy's. Fried Chicken Burrito.
  73. Starbucks Grande Iced Caramel Macchiato before a dinner shift.
  74. Before-a-movie rituals of Barnes & Noble and/or The Fox & Hound.
  75. Em's backyard even though we never spent enough time back there.
  76. Will Coleman being "around."
  77. Shopping with Em.
  78. The Simple Life/The Hills marathons on rainy days with Lin.
  79. Walking barefoot out onto the South End in the off-season.
  80. Airlie Road.
  81. Feeling like a well-respected writer.
  82. Elizabeth's. 'Bolis. Pizza.
  83. Ordering in bad Chinese food.
  84. Cheating at online gym.
  85. Proofreading the horrible and sometimes fantastic work of other students.
  86. Writer's Week.
  87. Bottomless fries at Red Robin.
  88. Homework/catching up at Java City.
  89. When Morton Hall was the Creative Writing building, too.
  90. Getting to use "I'm a student" as an excuse.
  91. Being forced to write.


linsoosoo said...

basically, i just scanned for my name and wished to God you'd remove that picture of us with those mini-pizzas. i love and miss you, li.

liadaniele said...

What a witch.