Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Keeping Promises (I Hope)

exorbitant, adjective, the exorbitant price of tickets.(of a price or amount charged) unreasonably high.
In efforts to try and keep myself in check, I am in the process of redecorating my bedroom. On second thought, the word "redecorate" implies that the decorated room/item was once decorated, which is not true in the slightest. (Unless you find crooked stacks of books and random items of dirty clothing strewn about the room modern art, or something.)
I have absolutely no idea what theme I am going for. (Bad start.) I only know that I have a black wrought-iron bed that has to be over 50 years old (maybe 100, really), a brown dresser that we salvaged from a neighbor, a rickety old wooden bedside table that I find oddly romantic and a sage green bedskirt that I bought from The Goodwill today for 4 dollars. It's very rare for me to go into The Goodwill with a precise item in mind and to then actually find said item for a cheap price. (You'd be really surprised at how expensive their items can get. $5 ties, $99 dollar patio table and chairs! Go Goodwill!) Anyway. I don't have much to work with, but I'm trying to be creative. I'm trying to utilize the large heaps of time I have after work to complete projects, check things off. All to quench the same horribly self-satisfying thirst that I have, that I will not shut up about (sorry).
Nonetheless, progress is progress. With a very small budget, I plan to acquire items piece-by-piece and hopefully end up with a calming sanctuary to come home to. As seen in the pictures, storage and space is a big issue that we (me and the boyfriend) have right now. He has a ton of random things, such as a huge hiking backpack, a guitar (?), suitcases, etc. Main storage issues would be solved very easily by another dresser. So the tentative list of furniture needs includes: another dresser, another (and maybe two matching) bedside tables, a small bookshelf and maybe a small desk. Just listing all of that makes me woosy, but patience is also something I need to work on, so perhaps this will be a life makeover as well.
So, here goes nothing. The room, from left to right, from empty to entirely too full is below. I clean everyday--sometimes there's just nowhere else to cram something!

Feeling very discouraged (already) I am going to try and pump myself up a little bit!! Here are some of the other room projects I have going on. The first is the kitchen, as you can see, it's a tough canvas to begin with, but I like the natural light that comes in from sliding doors that lead to the backyard. The stained laminate floor and dingy-looking counters and cupboards need some cheering up, so I tried to bring in some bright, lively colors like yellow and green. From left to right: Before main view, After breakfast nook, After main viewThankfully, the living room was a blank canvas, neither good nor bad. The challenge here was fitting all of our furniture into such a long room. It's still a work in progress. I tweak little things constantly, but I think this room is so cozy. There is plenty room to spread out or snuggle up for a movie or a good book! From left to right, Before View 1, Before View 2, After View 1, After View 2Stay tuned...

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Michele de Forest said...

This is faboulous Lia ! the decorating "fancy " and the "writing" one is in your blood... i will stay posted xxxooo