Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 2: What Would I Do?

In yesterday's post I inadvertently posed a question to (all of my many thousands of) readers:

What would you do if you could do anything?

I guess in a strange (and rather formatted) way, I was talking to myself, but then something beautiful happened. A few people commented with their answers. I got a few texts about it. A friend told me she thought about it as she fell asleep last night.

Even more lovely than taking a moment to share your thoughts and dreams with a friend was hearing and being reminded that we all have dreams. And we all have things we would rather be doing at this moment in time. We would rather be sprinting down an empty beach than standing elbows-deep in soapy water doing dishes. We would rather be piloting a tiny plane up through the cloud cover than filing our taxes. We would rather be laughing than weeping. We would rather be eating cake than our low-calorie rice cake - 'nuff said.

So thank you to everyone who shared, and even those who didn't share but thought a little extra about their own dreams and hopes as a result of reading my post. For some reason that made me feel so warm and connected.


Short commercial break to talk about DIFFERENCES.

Differences are wonderful and they exist all around us.

For example, my dear sister commented on this post something to the effect of "If I could do anything I'd [do something incredibly humble and kind] but if I had to have a 'real job' I'd open my own gym."

!!!! WOW. The mother load of differences existing right here inside my family circle.

If I could do anything, I would ERASE exercise (especially running, especially fast), and we would all just be healthy and active in our own ways and our bodies would react perfectly. Poof! Exercise no longer exists. That's it. After that I would just bask in the non-existance of crap-I-didn't-work-out-again guilt all day long, maybe getting a tan.

Isn't it great how we are so unique and spectacular in our own unique and spectacular ways?


So I've got to tell you that hearing your If I could do anythings really inspired me and helped getting the wheels turning on my own dreams.

We established yesterday that I don't know much, but here's what I do know:

I would be living near the serene ocean, but not far from the city.
I would own my own publishing firm producing books and mags and other media.
I would have office dogs - all dogs are welcome.
I would work over a quaint coffee shop that makes the best lattes.
I would have lunch with David every day!!!
I would work long hours and eat Chinese food out of the little containers with chopsticks at my desk on occasion.
I would travel once a month for work/pleasure.
I would donate books and magazines to local schools and start an after school mentoring/literacy program.
I would come home every night with red palms from hours of proofreading.
I would spend too long with every manuscript. 
I would publish my friends' great work.
I would (eventually) have a few children who would hang around the office in bean bag chairs.

I would have my whole family over to my house for chaotic and amazing holidays.
I would feel full, as often as possible.

That's as far as I've gotten. I would love to hear some of your dreams in the comments - big or small. All are welcome here.



alison hughes said...

This is great - the kids in the bean bags made me laugh out loud at my desk.

I would also love to have a huge house with a wrap around porch that I would have our family and friends over for dinners and holidays. It would also be near the beach.

In that little beach community I would own a cafe with a lovely veggie garden in the back. We would make wraps - because I love a good wrap and other delicious things. Do cafes sell alcohol? Because mine would. That way you could have a mimosa with your omelet.

I could keep going but I won't...lots of dreams and wishes sitting at this desk on this dreary day.

Unknown said...

This got me thinking...do I even know what I want??

I think I would like to live in a log house in the midst of lots of trees but not too far from the water. I would have a vegetable garden and a workout room (complete with massage table). I would work with my hands, helping others. I would be surrounded by music and art every day. I would have lots of adventure and travel as often as possible with my spouse and kids.

Or maybe I would buy a mobile home and travel the country in it with my spouse and my kids, working in different cities along the way. Sounds crazy, but I would love for my kids to see the great things this country has to offer. I would love for them to have a sense of adventure and a love for travel.

I would love to live somewhere where there is no snow - ever. I
would love to get my Masters. I would love to do another marathon. I would love to be a wife and a mom.

Just US said...

What a great idea! Here is my answer: I would listen and watch the waves of the ocean as they ebbed and flowed. It would be warm outside but not too hot.